Prices and Roasts

White Espresso:            Full Pound     Half Pound

                                          $19.49           $9.99

Espresso and Coffee:   Full Pound    Half Pound 

​                                           $15.49           $8.99


Vida Joven
Fragrant & complex with a nutty chocolate and vanilla bouquet, moderately acidic and medium in body.

This coffee is from the Cierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. It has the aroma of fresh baked bread, with nutty toasted wheat flavors and rich dark chocolate finish.

This coffee is slow roasted to maintain its sweetness and floral undertones.

This is a rich, aromatic, Northern Italian Style Espresso. It is slow roasted, to enhance the nutty sweetness of this Central and South American blend. It has floral undertones and is a more acidic coffee.


Biker Brew
This is a blend of African and Indonesian coffees. This is a bold, dark roast coffee. It's floral and citrus undertones are balanced with a bit of earthiness.

Costa Rican
This coffee is grown in the rich volcanic soils of Tarrazu. This coffee features a sweet syrupy flavor, with nutty and chocolate undertones.

This​ is a heavy bodied, high acidic coffee. This coffee has a medium flavor with floral and sweet undertones.

This is a full bodied, dark roast, with toasted wheat undertones. This coffee has medium acidity.

This is a bold, dark roast with low acidity and peppery undertones.



The Exchange

About Our Coffee

We carry Barista Espresso and we are proud of it! Not only do we believe that they have the highest quality beans but we also stand behind their values. All beans are 100% fair trade, certified organic, and guaranteed fresh. 

Our espresso has the perfect balance of strength, taste, and aroma. It is also a very versatile bean that can be enjoyed by itself, as a latte, or mixed with a flavor.

We cycle our drip coffee daily between a different varieties of beans. These beans are randomly selected to be brewed every day and you will have the option to choose between a light or dark roast. All of our beans are available for purchase.

​For more information about our roaster please feel free to visit their website: